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Western Feng Shui

Celebrities and Major Corporations Who Use Feng Shui

Madonna, Donald Trump, Steven Spielberg, Deepak Chopra, Jerry Hall, Sting, Body Shop founder Anita Roddick, Sir Richard Branson, Donna Karan, Oprah Winfrey and Tommy Hilfiger.

Corporate Offices & Towers: Trump Tower New York City, Wall Street Journal, Telus, Merrill Lynch, and Coca-Cola.

Hotels: Hilton, MGM Grand Hotel, Bellagio Hotel, Caesars Palace, Mirage Resorts, Casino Niagara and Cosmopolitan

Banks: Bank of America, Royal Bank of Canada, Citibank, HSBC, Texas First National, Mutual of New York, Guaranty Trust Bank of England, Chase Manhattan and Standard Charter Bank of London

Taylor Morley Homes, Ponderosa Homes
The United Nations
White Sox Stadium, Chicago
Creative Artists Agency, Beverly Hills
American Chamber of Commerce


Corporate America speaks out on Feng Shui

On Saturday, May 31st, 2008, BMO Bank of Montreal will celebrate the grand reopening of its newly renovated branch at the corner of Dundas St. and Spadina Ave. in Toronto. The new branch has feng shui design.

Coca-Cola headquarters in Atlanta uses Feng Shui in their offices, and have reported an increased in profits and employee efficiency.

The Body Shop founder Anita Roddick freely stated that her headquarters and shops around the world had been designed using the principles of feng shui.

February 15, 2007, Los Angeles Zoo Hires Beverly Hills Feng Shui Expert Simona Mainini. Simona Mainini worked with Zoo officials on a $7.4 million enclosure for three rare golden monkeys set to debut there this year. OrganizingLA, Beverly Hills, CA

Telecommunications company, Orange has used it to rapidly expand their business.

              Donald Trump has been using Feng Shui since the 1970s. “You don’t have to believe in Feng Shui for it to work. I just know it brings me money”…"It's just another element in which you can have the advantage over your competitors. Asians are becoming a big part of our market and this is something we cannot ignore." Donald Trump, New York Times, September 22, 1994 "

"As a guide to building, feng shui is not that much different from the writings of Roman architect Vitruvius, the oldest and most influential architectural text in the Western tradition, who used a similar common sense to guide fellow builders." Trevor Boddy, The Globe and Mail, May 30, 2008.

"Companies are going to great lengths promoting in reducing their impact on their environment. One new highlight is Intel’s approach to bring feng shui to its Fab 68, which is scheduled to begin construction in 2010 in Dallan, China . Wolfgang Gruener, TG Daily, Friday, May 23, 2008

As more Asians invest money in the U.S. Feng Shui is moving out of America's China towns and into the mainstream; so mainstream, that even New York real estate legend Donald Trump plans to build a skyscraper using Feng Shui." Dateline, NBC News August 8, 1995

"Using Feng Shui in business and at home is another trend that is still on the upward climb to its full potential." Lea Semple, Buyer for Elysian Fields

"The principles are firmly embraced by our global counterparts…. We wanted to apply feng shui principles to bring maximum prosperity and harmony into the trading room". --Nancy Wisniewski, Business Planning Manager for global markets, Standard Chartered Bank. New York Post ( USA ), Sept. 14, 2003

"Words to watch lists Geomancy (Feng Shui) as one of the words shaping our world today." U.S. News & World Report December 31, 1990

"You just do it in Hong Kong ; it's like an engineering survey." William Doyle, Former Chase Manhattan Bank Executive

"Chase Manhattan's Merchant Bank in Hong Kong floundered until a Feng Shui expert was consulted.

"Hyatt Hotel in Singapore prospered only after alterations were made by a Feng Shui Master." Evelyn Lip, Feng Shui Author

"For homeowners, we're going the extra mile to making our customers happy," said Morley, president and chief executive, Taylor-Morley Homes.

"It seems to have worked for Ponderosa Homes, a developer in Pleasanton, California . Unable to sell five of 15 $650,000 homes it built in a development in Freemont, California , Ponderosa consulted a Feng Shui specialist. At her suggestion, Ponderosa replaced straight walks with curved ones and turned rectangular front yards into rounded ones — and sold the five homes in three months.” Fortune, August 10, 1992

"When Solectron, a maker of computer circuit boards in Milpitas, California , decided to build new headquarters, the June 1991 groundbreaking included a Feng Shui blessing. The price of Solectron's shares has since more than tripled. Go Figure.” Fortune, August 10, 1992

"Whenever we open a new store we want to make certain that everything is in place. Success is easier if you've created a positive harmony." Olive Lubner, Robb & Stucky's Chief Executive Officer

How to bring Feng Shui into the office... at 12:18 PM EDT
Last fall, Canon Europe decided to hire Feng Shui consultant  to redesign their offices in order to help address “high levels of employee office stress and rage.” The company was happy with the results... Globe and Mail Newspaper, Craig Silverman, July 24, 2008

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