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Home Office Feng Shui 

As a feng shui consultant, from the experience of my business feng shui clients, working from home presents two major challenges:





    * Separating business and home life,
* Lack of stimulating social business interaction.


Working from home brings numerous benefits to one's lifestyle, and feng shui can help you make the best out of it. I would like to help you create a harmonious and successful feng shui office by sharing some basic concepts of home office feng shui.


    1. Use feng shui to create your home office as far from the bedroom as possible. If the layout of your home allows, having a separate entry to your home office is ideal.


    2. Plan your home office with your well-being and productivity in mind. What feng shui colors, images, items make you feel happy, appreciated, successful, creative? Depending on your chosen field, you need to make your home office reflect the energy you want to project into the world.


    3. Beware of the quality of air and the quality of light (natural and artificial) in your home office, as these are two important aspects to good feng shui.


    4. Position your desk so that you do not have your back to the door. This is the minimum feng shui requirement for the office desk. Do not face a wall while working at your desk. If you have to face the wall, use feng shui to make the wall "disappear" with your element color, vibrant images, beautiful art, etc


    5. Feng shui-wise, there are several important feng shui areas in your home office that need to be treated right.


        * South area (Fame and Reputation), or, a more exact translation, your "Light in the World." Its feng shui energy is Fire, so be reminded not having color blue, mirrors, fountains or images of water in this area, as Water element puts down the Fire energy.


        * North area (Career or Path in Life). The feng shui element is Water, this is the feng shui area which is representing water, you can place inspiring images related to your career in blue or white frame colors in the North area of your home office.


        * Southeast area (Prosperity and Abundance). Bring images or items that speak to you of abundance and prosperity. The feng shui element is Wood, so you need to avoid Fire images, as well as too much Metal.


     6. Clear clutter in your home office on a regular basis. As clutter drains your energy and dampens your best intentions, you need to create a clear system, and do not let clutter ruin your health and your business. You will be surprised how much better, more enthusiastic and energetic you will feel


These are just a few basic feng shui priorities to guarantee a much higher level of energy in your home office environment.


***Above said are only apply to the general concepts of Feng Shui, However to maximize the benefit of Feng Shui you are still advice to seek for your Feng Shui Consultant.


More specific feng shui recommendations involve mathematical calculations based on YOUR birth data and finding the best direction for peak performance; balancing the five elements balance by taking into consideration YOUR own birth element and other feng shui techniques.Call us now


Each case is certainly unique and it may not be possible to have an ideal feng shui office at times. If you are in a less than ideal situation, look for Professional Feng Shui Consultant to help create strong backing and attract good Chi, or energy.

There are many factors analyzed during a business feng shui consultation, from the general flow of energy to the feng shui of logos and trademarks.

Special attention is paid to the yin-yang balance in the business space, feng shui five elements harmony, the strength of front entrance.