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Why Feng Shui didn't WORK for you.

Why Feng Shui didn"t "WORK"  for you

 1.  If you are trying to apply Feng Shui principles on your own (DIY) you may have overlooked one or more 'ailments' as a result of your inexperience.


If your problems are serious it is better to hire a qualified Feng Shui Consultant as this  will save you more headache or moneys in the long run.


 2. You short-circuit the recommended 'cures' which your consultant had earlier advised.



You hired a consultant to audit/study the Feng Shui movement on your property.  The consultant gave you a list of 'cures' to implement. You did not take these 'cures' seriously, so you omit some of them due to lack of time, or lack tools to do so or purely to save costs.



When a Feng Shui consultant recommends a 'cure' to you it is because there is a certain negative  ailment in your environment which is causing the conflict.  To benefit from the said Feng Shui advice it is very important that you follow *all* of your consultant's advice.  If you do not understand the purpose or need for the specific recommended 'cure', just simply ASK.


 3. You thought the consultant you hired was really good.



They were recommended by a friend or certified as a Feng Shui consultant.   But this consultant missed identifying some major ailments that need to be rectified.  I have personally come across house owners whose properties have been viewed by alleged Feng Shui Consultants but the problems still persist.



Feng Shui dynamics can be liken to Open Heart Surgery.  If you are going to apply it to your homes, do get the best consultant available.  Each property is unique onits own and has different types of negative ailments.  Some ailments are much more difficult to identify than others.  It is important to ensure that your consultant has the proper experience and expertise to deal with the issues of conflict that is plaguing you or your life.  The more difficult your life issues are (e.g. divorce, health, finances, family stability) all  the more you need qualified Feng Shui consultant to assist you.  Your consultant should…

Also know when the problem is above their head and ought to refer you to another expert in the area.  The most important thing to remember when hire a Feng Shui consultant is their level of experience and acquired knowledge. You can schedule a consultation with our Feng Shui Consultants at any time. Contact us

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