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Feng Shui School

Feng Shui School

Landform School

The Landform School focuses on the physical landscape.

The shape and contour of the landscape such as mountains, hills, rivers, roads, lakes, ponds, trees and etc.

There is Four Celestial Animal representing the four directional. The Green Dragon hill on the left of the house, the White Tiger hill on the right, the Red Phoenix are referring to the front with low lying and flat landscape and the Black Tortoise hill is behind the house acts as the support and protection.

Eight Mansions School

The Eight Mansions theory is based on the eight directional. A Feng Shui Consultant will identify the auspicious and inauspicious location or area of the building or house for the occupant according to his or her Bazi (dob & time)

Each person is divided into East Group or West Group which determined from the year you are born. Each person will have four good directions and four bad directions.

So, you will get to know which direction is suitable for you to sleep, work and study.

Directions plays vital role in influencing the energy of the occupants.

Flying Star School

Flying Star School uses sophisticated and dynamic mathematical theories to calculate the movement and changes of the energies around us.

Flying Star School uses space dimension and time dimension to determine the moves and fixed cyclical patterns.
It is the cycle of time to determine buildings prosperity and well being.

Flying star theory involves calculating the chart of a building and tracking its influences through time. Flying Star can examine the occurrences of  events in your house to reveal the past, present and future potential.
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